Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde
Season Two, Episode 222a (CA)
Air date May/26/2006 (CA), Nov/17/2010 (US)
Written by Norman Lauzon
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


When Minimus' swivel head inadvertently gets stuck on "nasty", he turns into a raging monster that may prove to be a formidable foe for Betty. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and Paloma meet Noah's father as well as learn more about him as to his strange career.

Full Summary

The episode starts when Minimus is dusting Maximus's ceramic ducks. He begins to sneeze, causing the shelf to wobble. He tries to stabilise it, but it still but falls, breaking the ducks. Maximus enters the room and freaks out to see that his ducks have been smashed. He pulls out his ray, shooting at Minimus, who dodges and tears up, stating that he was only trying to help. As he dodges, his head keeps swivelling round, and then Minimus tries to move his head, but it is stuck on "evil". Maximus does not care and demands him to dance. Minimus transforms into a big, hulking, ape-like monster and lets out a roar. Terrified, Maximus drops his ray and stammers at his minion. Minimus picks up the remaining duck and as he looks at the bottom, he says "Minimus destroy ducks!" in a deep, scary voice. He runs off, breaking through the wall, leaving Maximus standing there in shock.

Meanwhile, Betty, Noah and Paloma are sunbathing in their swimsuits in Noah's back garden. Noah's father is using a crazy machine to see if he can pick up alien signals. Betty and Paloma laugh nervously at the thought of aliens existing. Betty's bracelet beeps and she hurriedly says she forgot her sunscreen and rushes off. Admiral DeGill contacts Betty through her bracelet and tells her that Minimus has turned into some kind of nasty giant monster and is terrorising the planet Morboggus. Betty is beamed up into her ship, however Noah's father's machine detects the signal from her starcruiser. Betty arrives in her ship, and X-5 reports how Minimus's head switches between good and evil, and that it appears to have malfunctioned and is stuck on evil. Betty says they could call him "Minimus Hyde" after Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, how one was good and one was evil.

They arrive on Morboggus and look round the foggy and deserted streets, but see no sign of Minimus Hyde. They enter a nearby inn, and are surprised to find it jam packed, and one of the Morboggians says that they are hiding from Minimus. Betty tries to calm he Morboggians by reassuring them that they will take care of Minimus, however they are laughed at. They sit down, and a shady figure in a dark cloak states whether they think they can stop Minimus, before pulling his hood down and revealing him to be Maximus I.Q.

Meanwhile on Earth, Noah's father's machine prints out a picture of Betty being beamed up into her starcruiser, before his machine detects alien life coming from the pool in his yard, where Paloma and Noah are splashing around. He freaks out and yanks them out of the water because there is apparently an alien in the pool. Paloma unplugs his machine while he isn't looking, and sighs in relief, revealing to watchers that there is perhaps more to Paloma than meets the eye.

Betty, Sparky and X-5 face Maximus, who states that he has only one thing to say to Betty, then, to her surprise, falls on his knees and begs her to stop Minimus. He weeps that Minimus is going to destroy his precious ceramic ducks, causing laughter to erupt. Sparky laughs at him about how the mighty Maximus is powerless without his little ducky wuckies, but after a death stare from Maximus, he shuts up. Betty asks why Minimus has come to Morboggus, and Maximus shows her his last remaining duck that has "made in Morboggus" engraved on the bottom of it. Maximus says that Minimus is trying to get back at him by destroying the duck factories, and begs Betty to stop him. Loud crashing noises come from outside, and Sparky reports that it is Minimus Hyde. The Morboggians all run screaming, while Betty, Sparky and X-5 head out to face him.

Minimus Hyde is smashing up the houses, shouting "Minimus destroy ducks!" Betty, Sparky and X-5 try and stop him with lazers and nets, but nothing stops him. Minimus Hyde continues to destroy Morboggus, and Maximus considers that perhaps he can make the most of this situation and orders Minimus Hyde to destroy Atomic Betty because she wants to stop him from destroying the ducks. Minimus Hyde shouts that he does not listen to Maximus anymore and throws rocks at Maximus, ordering him to dance, like Maximus did at the beginning. Maximus hops around like a idiot and cries for Atomic Betty to save him. Sparky says they should just watch and see where it goes, but Betty says no, because every life is valuable, even a Supreme Evil Overlord's.

Minimus Hyde grabs Maximus and shakes him around like a rag doll, shouting "Minimus destroy Maximus's ducks!" and Betty has an idea. They use their cloaking devices to disguise themselves as ducks and run round Minimus Hyde, trying to catch his attention. He takes the bait and throws Maximus into a building and tries to catch the ducks. Betty shouts that they have to turn his head back to his good side. X-5 secures his feet and Minimus Hyde tries to grab them, but as he does, his head dislodges and spins round again. It stops at his good side, and he shrinks back to normal Minimus. He looks around, confused at where he is, then spots Maximus and hugs him and says thank you for liking his dusting. Maximus shakes him off in irritation and orders him to destroy the ducks that are Betty, Sparky and X-5. Minimus says that he couldn't possibly do that to Maximus's precious ducks, but then they uncloak themselves. Minimus's head swivels round to evil and demands what they are doing here. Everybody gasps in fright, and Minimus questions why everybody is looking at him. Everybody sighs and Maximus scolds Minimus for having the Galactic Guardians at his mercy yet he didn't destroy them. Still very confused to what is going on, Minimus says he will do so much better next time.

Betty returns to Earth, where Noah's father has spilled lemonade on the printer, ruining the picture of Betty being beamed up. Noah points out that it looks like a spaceship and that somebody is floating up to it and that it looks a little like Betty. Everybody laughs and Paloma scoffs the fact of Betty being a space alien. Noah's father states that even though he hasn't proven it, he is sure that alien life is out there somewhere. Betty and Paloma both look away as he says this.

Meanwhile at Maximus's citadel, Maximus is unpacking a new batch of ceramic ducks, while Minimus is relaxing on the chaise lounge. Minimus is chuffed at the fact that Maximus went all the way to Morboggus to bring him back, and that Maximus really does love him. Maximus rolls his eyes then says that yes, he did, so Minimus owes him eternal gratitude and orders him to unpack his ducks. Minimus's head swivels round to evil and snaps that he is busy and Maximus do it himself. Maximus steps back in fright and says yes, he will and begs evil Minimus not to hurt him. He keeps unpacking the ducks and Minimus cackles evilly.




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