The Substitute
Season One, Episode 107b (CA)
Air date Oct/17/2004
Written by Edward Kay
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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Bye-Bye X-5
The Good, The Bad, and the Sparky
"The Substitute" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


On Earth, Betty has new substitute teacher in her art class, while in space, Sparky and X-5 have gone missing. Betty scours the galaxy, and when she finds them, they seem different. Betty soon discovers they are actually Minimus and a Blood Monk in disguise. Now Betty must free her friends, who have been captured by Maximus and return to Earth before her art class ends.


  • VOICE: Free slugworm and Pavlovian fungi pizza!
  • SPARKY: Pavlovian fungi!? Yum! Hey! What have I got to lose!?
  • (He opens the ship door.)
  • SPARKY: You're not the pizza man!


  • MISS DOURLY: You'd think she was off to save the universe or something!


  • MAXIMUS: This is brilliantly devious! Even by my standards.
  • SPARKY: You're about as brilliant as the dark side of Uranus!


  • BETTY: Maximus!
  • MAXIMUS: Didn't you enjoy my little costume party?
  • BETTY: What have you done with the real Sparky and X-5!?
  • MAXIMUS: Don't worry. You'll be reunited with your precious friends soon enough. Very soon. Mwahahahahaha!


  • MISS DOURLY: You are expressing real joy! A sense of vitality! What do you call it?
  • NOAH: The cloth I wiped my brushes on! This is my painting!
  • MISS DOURLY: Useless!


  • MAXIMUS: Finally! I've defeated her! Minimus! Take us in even closer! I must see every detail of Betty's destruction!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Destruction, yes!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Though in some ways, I'm going to miss her.
  • EVIL MINIMUS: But first, destruction!


  • MINIMUS: Oh, I know. The solution is to try the Jujutzian Manoeuvre.
  • MAXIMUS: What's that?
  • MINIMUS: Oh, I'm not sure, it's the costume talking.

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  • Goof: Before Miss Dourly turns around it shows Noah in the classroom, but later it shows Noah entering the classroom with Betty.



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