The Trouble with Triplets
Season One, Episode 116a
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Air date Mar/6/2005
Written by Rob Davies and Adrian Raeside
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"The Trouble with Triplets'" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus uses the DNA from a lock of Betty's hair to create "better" versions of her that wreak havoc throughout the galaxy, while Betty gets blamed for the destruction and is pursued by the authorities. Betty must pursue Maximus and her clones and return to Earth in time to clog dance at the Heritage Days celebration.


  • MAXIMUS: Won't Atomic Betty be surprised when she comes face-to-face with herself on the battlefield!
  • MINIMUS: Or more precisely, when she sees three of herself!
  • MAXIMUS: And all thanks to the Cloninater 550B! One of the best things I ever......stole! Mwahahahahahaha!


  • MAXIMUS: Bring me my prize! Mwahahahahaha! Could there be a prouder papa?


  • MAXIMUS: You've made your dada very happy.
  • OPTICA: Does that mean we can each get our own phones now?
  • DESTRUCTA: I want my own room, too! I'm sick of sharing with Clone Betty 3.
  • ROXANNE: You're the one always stealing my clothes, Miss Clone Betty 2!
  • MAXIMUS: Girls, please! You are all too special to fight.


  • OPTICA: Daddyyyyy! Betty 3 is wearing my boots!
  • ROXANNE: Am not! You're such a liar!
  • OPTICA: Let go of my hair!
  • DESTRUCTA: Stop it!
  • ROXANNE: I'm telling on you!
  • (Falters.)
  • MAXIMUS: Now, girls. Be good.


  • MAXIMUS: Aaaah! Bettys!? What are you doing to my lair!? Stop it at once! I command you! Stop it! DADDY'S NOT HAPPY!


The episode begins in an galactic fast food restaurant. Betty, wearing orange Galactic Guardian suit and having hazel eyes, comes in. Everyone greets her, but out of the blue she throws one of the aliens across the restaurant. Then she causes a massive chaos, stealing the vault in the process and escaping.

Moose Jaw Heights celebrate the Cultural Heritage Day and Betty has to perform a clog dance. She doubts she will make a good impression and Penelope comes and mocks her. However, it is not so long until Betty receives a message on her bracelet and leaves. She finds out that Betty previously seen caused a robbery and gets teleported to her starcruiser. Once she arrives, the atmosphere is very somber and is mad at Betty. She does not know that a look-alike was the one who caused a robbery and is under the threat of being arrested. However, Sparky manages to escape the patrol. Once it happened, Betty finds out by Admiral DeGill that a look-alike was causing havoc and chaos in other parts of the galaxy. Then she has 24 hours to prove that the cause of the mess was an alien being that is identical to Betty, otherwise, the galaxy will know her as the criminal.

At Maximus' citadel, it is revealed that there is three look-alike's and that they have been created by Maximus in order to damage Betty's reputation. Maximus reveals that he collected the lock of Betty's hair he cut off during their last laser swords fight. One strand of her DNA was enough to create three clones using a cloning machine and DNA from beings with elemental powers. On Earth, Betty's performance time takes place, albeit she does not appear. Instead, Beatrixo, Betty's granny, intervenes. Unfortunately for Betty's Father, people find Beatrixo's performance ordinary and do not find it amusing.

In the meantime, one of Betty's clones (wearing blue Galactic Guardians uniform and having blue eyes, but not a bracelet) appears on Celebra and a female alien wants an autograph. She throws her away into the crowd. Then, the real Betty arrives and the imposter and the real one fight. This clone is shown to have elasticity powers and uses them to hold Betty hostage. She calls for help of Sparky and X-5, who zap the clone with an energy beam from the starcruiser and imprison her in a bubble. However, a red and an orange (shown in the beginning) clone appear too and are shown to have pyrokinetic powers and rock-like powers, respectively. They defeat Betty, Sparky and X-5 and take them to Maximus' citadel.

At the citadel, the things turn out a little bit better for the team, even though they are in a cage. The reason is that the clones begin to argue which turns into a fight. Betty has got an idea when they calmed down and Maximus left. She threw a pillow on a blue clone, causing a pillow fight. The fight soon turns violent as they throw furniture and wall debris at each other. When Maximus arrives, real Betty tries to convince him she can stop the fight. He agrees and Minimus opens the cage. Soon the fight between Betty and the clones takes place. She manages to tie orange clone (Destructa), red clone (Optica) and the blue clone (Roxanne) as the first one began inadvertently ramming the wall and all three got out in space. At this moment, Maximus tries to kill Betty using his laser sword, but at this moment Roxanne grabs Minimus, who grabs his commander and they all end up out of the citadel. At this moment, Betty remembers the festival and goes back to Earth.

When Betty arrives back to Earth she comes to perform. Of course, Penelope mocks the performance, but meanwhile, Noah prompts the Osborne twins to change the track to a galactic-style music. Beatrixo comes to perform with Betty too and whole audience soon begins to dance to the music. Penelope is very displeased with the success, but she is then ridiculed herself by the popcorn and treat wrappers being thrown at her. Soon, Quincy (not very acquainted with the beat), Betty and Beatrixo all dance to the music and the episode ends.


  • First appearance of the Betty Clones.
  • The Betty Clones powers are based off The Fantastc Four.
  • The laser swords that Maximus and Betty fight with are similar to lightsabers from Star Wars.
  • The scene where Roxanne said "Who is this imposter?!" shares the same animation in Maximus Displeasure where Betty said "Hand over the vial, you cunning criminal!".
  • On the newly 1080p HD remastered version, the sound effects to Betty and Beatrixo's dance moves will be set up, as well as other ones mixed in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 for a surround sound experience.



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