The Way of the Weiner
Season Three, Episode 324a
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Air date Jan/25/2008
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"The Way of the Weiner" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


Spindly Tam works with Noah at the local hotdog joint, teaching him the way of the weiner, right before he's kidnapped by Maximus and the Betty Clones.

Full Summary

After thinking that he has taught Betty everything he knows, Spindly Tam Kanushu decides to choose a new path.
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He decides to work at the local hot dog joint to perfect the way of the weiner. Maximus finds out about this and hatches a plan to transfer Spindly Tam's skills to his Morbidian Blood Monks so they can destroy Atomic Betty. For his plan to work, Maximus sent the Betty Clones to Earth to capture him.
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The Bettys run amok through town while Spindly Tam teaches Noah the Way of the Wiener. Meanwhile, Betty is getting blamed for the trouble the Betty Clones are causing and try to prevent more trouble from happening. Back at the hot dog joint, Noah tries to learn the way of the weiner when Clone Betty 3 (Stretch-O Betty) starts a food fight and attacks Noah. Spindly Tam leaves the restaurant to better perfect the way of the weiner. Betty shows up to find the joint in a mess and Noah hiding under the counter.Meanwhile outside, the Betty Clones succesfully capture Spindly Tam. With Maximus' new device attached to Spindly Tam, Maximus' Blood Monks begin absorbing Spindly Tam's combat skills.

Betty steps outside to find Spindly Tam gone. Betty also finds and angry mob protesting her for what the Betty Clones did and to make make things worse a legion of Maximus' Tam-trained Blood Monks arrive on earth. Atomic Betty, Sparky, and X-5 try to stop them, but the
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found it more difficult to do. With ways to counter the team's attacks, The Blood Monks prove to be formiddable opponents.

Then Noah appears out of a flash tube and uses his skills in the way of the weiner to overpower the Blood Monks. Betty and Sparky use the way of the weiner to their advantage to defeat the Blood Monks. Shocked by the turn of events, a furious Maximus breaks his device on Spindly Tam by mistake and seals his own fate. Back in HQ, Sparky arrives to find not only Atomic Betty, Spindly Tam, and X-5, but the Betty Clones there as well. X-5 rewired the clones to be kind and act like the real Betty and soon they start cleaning up Moosejaw Hieghts. In the end, Maximus and Minimus with their own devices attached to them, sell hot dogs to the Blood Monks.


  • This is currently the last appearance of The Betty Clones.
  • The Betty Clones (aside from the giggling) have no lines in this episode due to their voices previously scrambled to speak gibberish in The Cheerleaders of Doom.
  • The blue Betty Clone was the only one who remained in human form (since what she does is stretch herself) while her two sisters are in their transformed forms.
  • This is currently the last appearance of Spindly Tam.



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