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Bubba (left), Plutor (center), Furball (right)

The X-Rays are a trio of ruffians who were wreaking havoc across the galaxy. These include drawing a picture of Admiral DeGill as a woman, stealing candy from babies, vandalizing billboards, stealing ships from Maximus' citadel (especially stealing a Starcruiser from the episode "Best (Mis)Laid Plans" that was already stolen by Maximus), etc. The members names are Plutor, Bubba, and Furball. Plutor, the leader of the X-Rays, appeared to have a crush on Betty, further evidenced as when he and his fellow X-Rays were arrested, Plutor stated that when he got out of detention, he was going to join the Guardians so he and Betty could hang out together, much to Betty's displeasure.


  • Plutor is a member and the boss of the bad boys gang The X-Rays. He likes Betty.