The X-Rays
Season Two, Episode 206b
Air date Nov/25/2005
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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By Virtuoso of Insanity
"The X-Rays" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Admiral DeGill calls Betty, Sparky and X-5 to attention after his office has been trashed--apparently by a space-gang called "The X-Rays". DeGill wants them to go undercover as rebels and find out what they're up to. Being an X-Ray is fun, at first...but what happens when the group of punks decide to interfere with Maximus? Meanwhile, on Earth, Duncan has developed a crush on Paloma due to her kindness towards him and won't leave her alone, so she resolves her own special way.


  • PALOMA: Gee, you shouldn't have, Duncan.
  • DUNCAN: Aw, it was nothing!
  • PALOMA: No. Really. You shouldn't have. Pulling up the park's bushes is illegal! Oh my gosh! What's that!? (points) (runs)


  • MAXIMUS: Fire! Take that, you pre-pubescent PUNKS! (looks) What is this?
  • MINIMUS: Oh. It's a cane, sir. I thought you might enjoy shaking it at them!
  • MAXIMUS: Fire at will! I want that photon bazooka! Fire! (shakes cane vigorously)

Full Summary

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  • First appearance of the X-Rays
  • This is the first time Paloma's outfit has changed from a pink shirt with flower to a red shirt with butterfly.
  • The voice mail Zulia left for Sparky reveals that he has a sister. Zulia asked Sparky to take her to a ballet recital.
  • The stolen starcruiser from Best (Mis) Laid Plans reappears in this episode.



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