Toy Historyia
Season One, Episode 125b (CA)
Air date May/8/2005
Written by Sebastian Viaud
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Toy Historyia" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


The evil baby Infantor becomes greedy at Christmastime and demands all the toys in the galaxy. He kidnaps Santa and takes control of his factory at the North Pole Star, reprogramming the toys to his specifications. Meanwhile on Earth, Betty accompanies her parents to the mall, where she must help her dad get a gift for her mom before the stores close.


  • SANTA: No child would want one of those under a tree!
  • SPARKY: Not unless he hated the tree.


  • SANTA: And to think parents complain when the batteries run out.


  • SPARKY: Do you think I could have an autograph. Not for me, for my.....mamoolah. Her name is....Sparky.
  • SANTA: Your pen's out of ink, son.
  • SPARKY: It can't be. It's brand new!
  • X-5: Whadda you know? I forgot to include the writing option. It's a pen! It can't do everything!

Full Summary

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  • This episode was aired in May in anticipation for Christmas in July.



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