When Worlds Collide
Season One, Episode 109a (CA)
Air date Oct/31/2004
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"When Worlds Collide" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Its Halloween and The Chameleon has stolen the Sythian President's brain and decides to hide out on the most backwater planet he knows: Earth! Sparky and X-5 beam down to Earth to help Betty capture The Chameleon. X-5 is unimpressed with Noah, who is dressed as a robot, and Sparky gets distracted from the mission and gorges himself on Halloween candy. Meanwhile, Betty's classmates get involved in the chase and think its all an elaborate Halloween party!


  • BETTY: Why would The Chameleon steal a brain?
  • X-5: The Scythian President insulted Maximus by calling him a villain. When everyone knows he's a supervillain.


  • TANYA: Oh, aren't you the cutest!?
  • SPARKY: Tricky trench! No, wait....uhh..,sticky stench! Craters! I forgot the password. got any slugworms?


  • SPARKY: I'm kinda busy! Triffle trinket! No, that's not it. Me want treats!


  • TANYA: Oh, you're so cute! Buzz, buzz, buzz!
  • CHAMELEON: Madam! You have just put candy on the Scythian President's cerebral cortex!
  • TANYA: You kids and your imaginations.


  • GENERAL ZAG: You have five seconds to capture him, or we begin firing!
  • X-5: Technically that was only 3.4 seconds.


  • CHAMELEON: General Zag! You've gotta get me off this planet! I can't take it any longer! Oh please! I beg you!
  • GENERAL ZAG: There, there. Awwwwww.


  • SCYTHIAN PRESIDENT: Huh. So you're the mighty Chameleon who stole my brain. Ha ha ha, I don;t find you scary at all.
  • CHAMELEON: You want scary? Ohhhhh, I can show you scary!
  • (He morphs into Penelope.)
  • CHAMELEON: Look at me! I'm an Earth child! They're monsters, you know! Absolute monsters!
  • SCYTHIAN PRESIDENT: Ew, he's right. Look at that horrible face! Eugh!

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