Winter Carnival
Season One, Episode 114a
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Air date Dec/12/2004
Written by Edward Kay
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Winter Carnival" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


On Earth, Duncan is running for mayor of the school's winter carnival. Noah convinces Betty to run against him, but Betty is called off on a mission. In space, Betty must stop Iciclia, queen of the ice planet Glacies, who wants to freeze the tropical planet of Montego B and add it to her icy kingdom.


  • BETTY: I want to make the Winter Carnival more fun! And here is my campaign manager to tell you all about it! Noah!
  • NOAH: Um......Longer library hours?


  • SPARKY: I haven't eaten in twenty minutes!
  • BETTY: Forget about your stomach!
  • X-5: Stomachs. He has four.


  • ICICLIA: Tell me the truth. Do I honestly look a thousand years old?
  • DINGLEBERRY: I'm cold......
  • ICICLIA: I'm trying to get a compliment here! I SAID DO I LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!?
  • DINGLEBERRY: No....I mean, yes! You look one hundred! One fifty at the oldest!
  • ICICLIA: I do, don't I?


  • BETTY: I wonder where this slide ends!
  • X-5: Statistically, the chances of it ending well are one in three thousand, four hundred and twenty-three.
  • SPARKY: For once, would you just enjoy the ride!?


  • SPARKY: In other words, without them she turns into an old hag. You're OLD!
  • ICICLIA: Take that back! I don't look a day over two hundred!


  • PENELOPE: May I present our new Carnival mayor: Flunkin' Duncan Paine!

Full Summary

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  • First appearance of Iciclia and Dingleberry



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